This 744 page book by Pierre Fatumbi Verger presents 447 formulae in Yorùbá and in English, classified under: oògùn, remedies for healing the body; ìbímo, remedies relating to pregnancy and birth; Òrìşà, magical works used to worship Yorùbá deities; àwúre, magical works to beg favors, or “beneficent works;” àbìlù, magical works to beg malicious favors, or so called “evil works” and ìdàábòbò, antidotes to evil works, or “protective works.” This book also includes detailed plant illustrations and a glossary of plants by their Yorùbá and scientific names. Click on the book for more information! 


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Pierre Fatumbi Verger Articles: Volume I. This 196 page book contains two of Verger’s seminal articles on the Yorùbá religion: The Yorùbá High God: A Review of the Sources; and the FIRST and ONLY ENGLISH TRANSLATION of the entire “Rise and Fall of the Worship of Ìyàmi Òşòrongà (My Mother the Sorceress) among the Yorùbá. These two thought provoking pieces are a MUST HAVE for Òrìşà devotees, seekers of general information about the traditional Yorùbá religion, and those in search of a deeper understanding of the expansively awesome nature of feminine power. Click on the book for more information.