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ISBN: 978-0-9790264-1-6

Pierre Fatumbi Verger Articles: Volume I. This book contains two of Verger’s seminal pieces on the Yorùbá religion: The Yorùbá High God: A Review of the Sources, which provides an in depth discussion on the origins of the “concept of a supreme being” or high God called: Ọlọrun, Olódùmarè, and Ẹléda by the Yorùbá; as well as one of the most illuminating discussions to date on traditional Yorùbá notions about Àşẹ (vital power) and how these ideas have changed over time.

This book also contains the FIRST and ONLY ENGLISH TRANSLATION of the entire article entitled “Grandeur et décadencone e du culte de ‘Iyami Osoronga’ (ma mère la sorcière) chez les Yorùbá”--in English: “The Rise and Fall of the Worship of Ìyàmi Òşòrongà (My Mother The Sorceress) Among The Yorùbá. The Ìyàmi Òşòrongà article contains 10 amazing itans or (histories) based on Odù Ifá which are verses from the Yorùbá system of divination and an oríkì (praise poem) collected by Verger from Aşawo (priest’s of Ifá).

These two thought provoking pieces are a MUST HAVE for Òrìşà devotees, seekers of general information about the traditional Yorùbá religion, and those in search of a deeper understanding of the expansively awesome nature of feminine power!