Jo Anna Hunter

Jo Anna Hunter the CEO Black Madonna Enterprises, has been involved in the study of the Òrìşà and the Ifá system of divination for more than two decades.

She is an Iyalòrìşa of Aganjú, and an Iyanifá. Ms Hunter obtained a M.S. Degree in Cultural Sociology at the University of Louisville where she was also employed as a professor in the Sociology Department.

She has conducted lectures as well as written articles on the healing aspects of traditional Yorùbá culture and on her experiences traveling and living in Africa, Cuba, Europe and Asia. Her current research focus has been on Aganjú, one the oldest and least known of the 401 divinities called Òrìşà by the Yorùbá of Nigeria.

Her forthcoming book entitled Òrò Patáki Aganjú provides a cross-cultural understanding of fundamental traditional Yorùbá and Afro-Cuban concepts regarding Aganjú.